Melanie Korn

Founder and CEO of The Media Slate

Digital advertising is rather a big deal these days- from blogging to social media, web design to email campaigns and more, there’s a lot to conquering the digital space for individuals, businesses and nonprofits alike.

As a digital native, Melanie seeks opportunities which collide creative ideas with strategic management plans to meet the hardships business owners face in the digital space.  Specifically over the past five years, Melanie has engaged in a variety of opportunities aiding recruitment firms, non profits and businesses of all sizes in the development and ongoing production of all marketing efforts.  With this experience in such a unique market, Melanie is no stranger to the ins and outs of a variety of industries and believes there is great value to understanding individual industries alongside having an expertise in digital marketing.    

Currently Melanie leads a team of talented writers, designers and campaign mangers who fashion their every digital move towards reaching individual client's goals. 

Apart from servicing clients including businesses, non profits, individual brands and e-commerce start ups across the globe, Melanie leads a collective group of entrepreneurs seeking a digital freelance platform to host and grow their own digital expertise and business startups by offering an online course to teach and equip in the digital industry.

Melanie currently lives in St. Louis with her husband, believes that tacos should have their own section on the food pyramid and never turns down the opportunity to travel.