Education & Training

  • Trainings for employees

Want to do all that social media content development and posting on your own? We will show you how.

If you’re asking yourself what the purpose of LinkedIn is, why you need a Facebook page, and whether it’s “tweeting” or “twittering”, then training is a good idea for you and your co-workers.

Whether you want to learn something specific, or desire an all around view of the social media world, we are here to help. Our social media consulting program is charged by the hour, and totally suitable for smaller businesses who may not have the budget to afford ongoing social media management.


Social Media Management

  • Strategy planning
  • Content development 
  • Implementation
  • Brand growth

We keep your message fresh and take advantage of new digital advertising developments and opportunities to help you remain on the forefront of the latest in the digital world. 

We can’t facebook, tweet, pin or write for you if we don’t know you. Before we begin creating, managing and building your social media- lets sit down and chat. We want to hear it all; your business dreams, failures, success, etc. We want to know how exactly you see social media growing your business or maybe we need to show you how social media is going to grow your business. Wherever you are in understanding a timeline update, retweet, or video hits, we are here to help.

Every social media strategy is specifically suited for our clients. We want to build a community of online believers in your non-profits ability to end poverty, buyers of your exceptional product and lovers of your brand. We want to do whatever it takes to create and maintain more business for you- because let's be honest: more business is a good thing.

Design & Branding

  • Creation
  • Management
  • Graphic or Web

A picture’s worth a thousand words right?? So let’s make yours count. Banners for facebook, icons, logos, branding... it's simple.  You dream it, we make it happen. Let's start from scratch and design exactly what's needed. 


Virtual Assistance

  • Tailoring to fit your needs

We get it.  You’ve got this fancy blog, online e-store or the like with tons of emails flooding your inbox, comments overtaking your social media and you just need help  keeping it all together so you don’t loose your mind.  We’ll be your ghost. Replying to it all and keeping you in the loop on what’s important. 



When you need the strategy support for building a unified brand but don’t know who or where to start - it’s here.  Let’s build a relationship and craft a collection of ideas, plans and services for a long-term solution.  Our social media consulting program can be charged by the hour for smaller businesses or individuals with a limited budget, but still wanting the advice of an expert.

From developing a content calendar, creating social profiles, email templates, etc. this can be a great launchpad for future digital success.

Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Development
  • Contact list growth

Skip the spam. We're here to build you email campaigns that achieve results, both on screen and in the bank.

From developing a strategy for targeting to designing the emails themselves, we'll get you set with the best tools for getting the job done.


Content Creation

  • press releases
  • blogs
  • copy editing and writing

Press releases, newsletters, blog post, web content. You need fancy words to convey a message to readers all over the interweb?

We do that. Whatever the content you need, we've got your back - from ending poverty in Africa to best hiring practices and from fashion to health & wellness we can put the words down to formulate paragraphs that will get your message across. Easy as that.


Event & Onsite Live Marketing

Whether it’s a convention or farmers market, when you need onsite support to help develop your brand, we’ll be there with Starbucks in hand ready to meet the ones you want as your next twitter follower, email contact, etc.