The Collective Slate

Why the Collective Slate?

There’s a lot of us out there… Individuals dabbling in the freelance world who want to live the freelancing lifestyle but need the support of a community of likeminded, hardworking individuals whom they can brainstorm with, support and grow together.
It’s really simple, we're a bunch of people in different corners of the world all working under the umbrella of The Media Slate.  Each with our own clients, quarterly goals and strengths.  Offered up here as part of the Collective Slate are the tools and subscriptions to paid accounts that help make our freelancing responsibilities for clients a little easier.  
The extra benefits of working with a collective group are endless, whether you’re having a baby and need some extra help to handle your clients accounts or have overload of clients work designing a new website, etc, there’s resources and people to help you not fall apart.   

Want to join in the collective group? Contact Us!